Dr. Nimesh Vashi Center of Relevance & Excellence in Environmental Engineering

Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology (TIFAC-CORE-SCET)

Principal’s Message

TIFAC-CORE-SCET being one of leading institutes working in the field of environment in India provides training and research facilities in different fields of environment to each and every needy one, services for Consultancy, Testing and Monitoring by extending technical knowledge, skilled manpower to industry to operate and upgrade pollution control facilities, intellectual inputs to knowledge based industries in the form of qualified and trained manpower and also creates all the necessary facilities of training and research in various areas of environment.

At TIFAC-CORE-SCET we have set high standard for ourselves in all our endeavors, and we aim at achieving excellence by creating all-rounded professionals with a regard for social concern. Towards this direction, efforts are being put continuously to adopt best practices in testing work, keeping industry and society at the heart. To align with our process, we have state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with modern tools and techniques, qualified and experienced team who always try to deliver their best. Analytical excellence in terms of testing of samples of water, air etc. at TIFAC-CORE-SCET stimulates confidential and reliable analysis that enhances credibility of the results. NABL requirement based analysis is augmented by more precise, accurate and reproducible results. Such an experimental expertise helps in building trust of the customer. While attaining analytical excellence is very important, we also recognize the importance of credibility development that happens outside the institute. We support and encourage training to lab professionals, monitoring of water and air quality at regional as well as national level where our team have worked for Gujarat Pollution Control Board.

Institute’s vision for the upcoming years is to enhance research activities and strengthen Industry-Institute interaction, creating a vibrant learning environment, so that we become preferred choice for environment related problem’s scientific solution seekers across the nation.

I feel privileged to invite all industry professionals and others as well to experience the excellence at TIFAC-CORE-SCET. 


Dr. Hiren Patel